Central Goulburn Murray – Bulletin

On behalf of the Central Goulburn Murray Bowls Region convey a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in assisting in the delivery of Bowling activities and events for the 2019/2020 Season.

To our host Division – MURRAY – Marj, Andrew and all Clubs and their Volunteers in hosting and ensuring the availability of venues for the holding of the Region’s Challenge Day; State Events and Pennant Finals. To all the Green Keepers, Umpires and Catering Teams – HUGE THANK YOU.

To each of the three Divisions – CENTRAL: GOULBURN VALLEY and MURRAY. Their Administration Teams, Selectors, Umpires, Green Keepers and Catering Teams and other Volunteers that undertake additional tasks behind the scene – HUGE THANK YOU.

As Regional President convey congratulations for the 2019/20 Season to the Divisional Teams who played in the annual Challenge in early February. To the Players selected to represent our Region at the Regional Sides event and to each of the Selectors appointed to undertake the selection – well done. Believe the Regional Teams selected were one of the strongest to represent the CGM Bowls Region for some time. To all Region State Event Winners huge congratulations and your progression to represent the CGM Bowls Region at Bendigo is a great honour.  Unfortunately, no CGM Bowls Region Saturday or Midweek Pennant winners this season. Congratulations to each of the Division Saturday and Midweek Pennant Winners.

Currently due to the current COVID-19 Virus our bowling activities for the balance of the season has come to a huge stop.  The Region is currently forwarding out to all Region Board Members, Division Boards and Member Clubs important information to the future changes in the administration of bowls activities and events across the CGM Bowls Region.

The huge change will see the removal of the three Divisions. Clubs will in the future be administered by the CGM Bowls Region, there is much to be discussed and sorted as the Region works through this in consultation with Member Clubs and the installation of a new Regional Board format.

Region trusts everyone understands the huge task ahead and together with all Bowlers believe this can be achieved together in great harmony.

On behalf of the CGM Bowls Region please keep healthy and safe, look forward to catching up with everyone when we can get back on the Greens.

Alan Rogers

CGM Bowls Region President, 9/4/20